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"I'm losing weight and I don't even feel like I'm on a diet"


"The best part of this for me is the mentality changes. I feel like I'm healing. I have more good days than bad now."


"It's only week 3 and I already feel so much stronger"

Jessica M

"My biggest issue was not knowing what to do. There's so much information out there and you really summed it up for me. This is all doable now"


"Thank you. Thank you. Thank You!! I just needed that little push to get going and you gave me that and so much more"

my story

My name is Evana Christopher & I help women balance mental and physical health. At the young age of 21, I graduated college with a degree in psychology, became a personal trainer, and created my own business. In addition, I have successfully transformed my own body, mental health, and relationship with food. But, this was not an easy process, which is why my goal is to help you do what I have done without it being so difficult, confusing, and lonely.