My Story

Hi, I'm Evana.

Not too long ago, I was extremely insecure and hated living in my own skin. I wanted so badly to feel comfortable and happy with my body. I spent so many years hating my body, my life, and myself.

I was absolutely miserable and genuinely believed I would never be able to shake the feeling that I would never be good enough. 

For me, everything started to change when I decided that I needed to dedicate all of my time to elevating myself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My goal was to create the strongest and happiest version of myself – and I have.

After years of education in psychology and wellness and through my own personal experiences, I have learned how to not only change my own life, but to help other women create the strongest version of themselves.

Apply to my 1-1 Coaching if you are dedicated to making the change to elevate your life.