Should you track macros during the holidays?

Should you track macros during the holidays?

It's the week of Thanksgiving!

I wanted to address my health/fitness protocol for this week. 

While we DO have goals and consistency + dedication gets us those results, we also AREN’T bodybuilders on contest prep. And while tracking macros is an AMAZING tool, its not FOREVER. We all hope one day to be able to intuitively eat and maintain a body that we love and are proud of. Part of achieving this is being able to implement untracked meals and mindfulness.

For a lot of us, the thought of going full “YOLO” during the holidays triggers memories of past mistakes, regret, and stress. For some, this cheat/restrict cycle of eating may have even led to some dark places. As such, going “YOLO” and eating “whatever we want” is not the strategy that most of us should go for during this season. The key is figuring out just how YOU should go about celebrating in your own way. So whether this is loosely tracking, guesstimating your meals, using your holiday dinners as “free meals” and having the rest of the day be “macro friendly”, OR being strict with tracking — this is up to you.

What I would recommend is to do what feels right, make sure you spend time with family and DO NOT demonize certain foods that you genuinely want to have. If your mom makes the BEST STUFFING in the world — have some. If you LOOOVE pumpkin pie, HAVE A SLICE. Because if you DON’T you’re most likely going to sit in bed twisting and turning thinking about the pie you didn’t get to have. This doesn’t mean you need to have 3 pieces of pie… but if you do, own that shit and use it as fuel for a workout the next day and get a SICK pump (this doesn’t mean do extra cardio to burn it off).

You can afford to indulge a bit and live your life to the fullest this holiday season!

And if you catch yourself feeling down, bloated, or a little off, just know that EVERYONE (literally all of America LMFAO) is in the same boat as you and probably also enjoyed some turkey, stuffing, and some amazing desserts.

With gyms closing early, our schedules being hectic, and some of us needing to run around and spend time with family members in different states, its also okay to take an extra rest day this week.

The best way to get back on track is to GET BACK ON TRACK. 

Don't bully yourself for simply being human.