6 things that are KILLING your booty gains

6 things that are KILLING your booty gains

Written by Evana Christopher

You've been going to the gym for MONTHS, yet, when you look at your booty, you don't see much of a difference. 

You've done every influencer's holy grail leg day, but your glutes can’t seem to grow as fast as you want them to, or at all?

Below are some of the top mistakes that are killing your booty gains.

1. You're Always Dieting

You can't expect something to grow if you never water it. Let go of trying to be your leanest self year-round.

2. You Don't Rest

For a muscle to grow, it needs time to repair. Rest days are extremely important. You don't overtrain your glutes. 1 to 3 leg days per week is more than enough, but I recommend 2. 

3. You Program Hop

You don't follow a program & you only do IG swipe video workouts or random things you see on TikTok and Pinterest. 

You need to follow a program and implement progressive overload. Stick to the basics, lift heavy, train hard, and get a coach if you're completely lost.

#4: You're Not Working Hard Enough

I know, tough pill to swallow. Don't get mad at me, I'm just telling you how it is. Stop simply going through the motions and train like an athlete. Your phone can wait.

#5: Freaking Out Over the Scale

You wanna build a dump truck booty? Newsflash, it'll weigh something. Stop giving up and starting a new diet the second the scale goes up. Weight gain is a good thing! Muscle weighs something!

#6: Blaming Your Genetics

Comparison is the thief of joy. Sure, someone else might have it easier than you. But complaining about it will get you nowhere. Do the damn work. And yes, it's possible to grow a muscle regardless of how pancake-y it is to begin with.